GPD has established a strong presence in both Europe and Asia to respond effectively
to the various demands of our clients.


GPD headquarters ensures direct follow-up for our clients in Europe. In some countries such as Germany and Austria, we work closely with partner companies to ensure local liaison.


GPD is present with his own Asia headquarters in VIETNAM

And through exclusive agreements in the following countries:

Australia - Cambodia - China - Indonesia - Laos - Malaysia - Singapore - Thailand

We offer:

- Asian presence with experienced and professional teams

- Comprehensive service including expertise in unfamiliar areas such as cultural   and business practices, methods of negotiation, contact with local authorities and   legal issues

- Search and audit of potential partners in accordance with your objectives

- Presentation of concrete business opportunities

- Client representation, we act as your part-time export manager

- Set up of legal companies under local law

- Continued follow-up and support until you are comfortable with running your own operations